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We only book our appointments by email. By using only email we can track and keep a virtual record of our discussions, reference images and all the details. If you insist on having an in person consultation, this can be arranged.

Each of our artists manages their own bookings, there's less confusion as you'll be dealing directly with your artist.

Please don't email us only asking, "How much do you charge" or "How long is your wait" We need to know the below information to answer those questions.



What you would like tattooed
Where and what side you would like it to be tattooed on your body
What size you would like Height + Width (please don't guess, use a ruler or tape measure)
Would you like it Colour or Black and Grey?
If the style of tattoo you want is different to the artists usual work please inform the artist.
Attach any reference images you have, photos, tattoos anything that you have that relates to what you want.

The more useful information you can supply us with the easier it is for us to find a suitable appointment time for you.


We will have artists from around the world guest with us. This is a good opportunity to get some awesome tattoos. Guest artists will be announced via our website and social media.


Once we get back to you with a booking time and date(s) we will hold that appointment for you for up to 48 hours. You will be required to confirm your booking with a deposit via Bank transfer, via Paypal* or drop in the studio . If you don't confirm your booking within this time that booking allocation may be offered to someone else and you may have to go through the date and time process again.

We often get cancellations, normally we aren't given too much notice. But this is great for clients who don't want to wait in line for a booking and can come in on short notice. Let the artist of your choice know if you're more than happy to jump the cue and come in on short notice.

All deposits are non-refundable. However we are happy to reschedule your appointment if required. 72 Hours notice is required if you need to reschedule your appointment. If you need to cancel please tell us as far in advance as you can, we would be happy to rebook you for a future date using the deposit you have already paid.

* Paypal charges the receiver a fee of 2.4%, if you choose to use Paypal you must add 2.4% to the total deposit you are asked to pay. If you select "Pay Friends or Family" when processing through Paypal this will automatically add the fee to your total.